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update your feeds!

Following the switch to wordpress, google reader is no longer updating the website. Head on over to and click on the RSS feed button under follow, and choose your reader.



website will be down

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Hey guys! Just want to let you all know that Design Curiosities will be going down tonight to prepare for the launch tomorrow. It will be up tomorrow morning providing there aren't any server delays. For updates, check in on my twitter! See you guys tomorrow!

7/1 the new blog is up, I'm not sure why but google reader is no longer updating my feed. I will troubleshoot tomorrow and try to get it fixed, but for now head on over to


redesign and a giveaway

Some big changes are coming to the blog this Thursday! S has been working non stop on redesigning design curiosities, and I can't wait to share it with you. I'm currently in the process of reformatting all of my posts due to some blogger issues. So, you'll have to forgive me for being a little absent this week. Check back for the launch of the new DC and a great giveaway!

One last thing before I get back to work: If you currently have any links to a particular design curiosities post, you might find that they need updating. No worries if it is just a link to the main page, it shouldn't change.


vik prjonsdottir

Love this anchor bedding! I'm sure it has made the rounds already, but I couldn't resist posting it (via fancy). Check out more products here.


On the weekends we generally bring Eames in our room in the morning. He hops around and off, and back on the bed. He lays under the covers, and digs on the pillows. Well this morning he decided to be particularly cute and lay wedged behind the pillow. See what I mean? :)


let's colour

A worldwide initiative to transform grey spaces with vibrant colour—with a great video to boot! You can learn more about this project here.


seedling duvet cover

In addition to the dining table, we are trying to find some new linens. S' IKEA bedding is a looking a little ragged, and it doesn't go with the floral sheets we picked up. This new bedding from West Elm might be perfect (and is very affordable). We haven't seen it in person yet—they didn't have them out yet. I'm pretty excited about them though. We're still working on making our house feel more like our home.


metro retro

S and I are on the hunt for a new dining table. Not that we aren't appreciative of my brother's college furniture—haha, it's just time for us to get something a little more us. We've been meaning to check out this great furniture store called Metro Retro, in Houston. The warehouse is actually in Pasadena (Texas, not California), but it wasn't open on Sunday. The storefront was basically a vintage Design Within Reach. It was so beautiful, and this pendant lamp really struck me. The man there was so knowledgeable and helpful, he showed us a couple of tables that we are going to check out in the warehouse this weekend. You should check out their website to see what they have in stock, they ship!